Let’s meet “INDIA” A full of unique and happiness country….


We all love to visit new people,New country,New culture and new tradition. I AM AN INDIAN,so let’s meet my country “INDIA “.India is a country of full of happiness, cultural, traditional and United people .Indian clothes are very colourful every state of India has it’s own culture tradition and clothing and food system .India is a unique country because India has multiple languages like English Hindi Tamil Telugu Marathi and so many languages . People are of different colors tradition culture clothes and food ,they are different but they all are Indian by their heart. Indian food have a unique taste.In the north side they eat simple food but in the eastern side they eat spicy food and fish is necessary in their plate.In the southern part they eat “DOSA”IDLI”and in the western part they “INDIAN DAL WITH TANGY TADKA. Now let’s talk about the city of NAWABS Lucknow a city in India the poeple of this region live their life as a royal family.whenever some guest visit their family they treat that person just like a king and a queen it may be a rich or poor they never discriminate between them. Cultural people of South India uses banana leaves as a plate.


Indian clothes are very colourful and Indian saree is the mostly used clothes by the Indian women.In India there is a state known as “RAJASTHAN “here there is a cultural techniques of “Tie and”Die”This is a technique of colouring the clothes and it is very hard to do.In the northern part there is “Saree “is a cloth that is very famous and cultural cloth of India it’s style is very unique to wear .there is a Saree in the northern part”BANARSI SAREE this is the Saree made up of full of silk and it is very colourful comfortable and costly cost of oneSaree is 2000$in American currency.

I will blog about Indian language and Indian famous heritage sites and monuments jewellery in the next blog so stay connected with my blog I am gonna make you happy and provide knowledge about india.Friends you are not leaving comments tell me in the comments what you want to know about India I will write in the next blog and if you like this then don’t forget to hit the like 👍and share this with.your friends, this Indian teenager girl’s blog.


8 thoughts on “Let’s meet “INDIA” A full of unique and happiness country….

  1. This is great, Archana 🌸!!!

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  2. That is so sweet of you!!! I really do like it.🌻

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      1. Some. It’s beautiful.

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      2. It’s very hard to wear but if you will try then indian saree looks beautiful and unique

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      3. Hello Archana 🌸


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