Is your life a GAME?

Yes!This is a small question but matters a lot to your life .First of all tell me is your life a game full of struggle problems sorrow and bully but let me clear this that your life is not a game because in games the time ups horn blows and score can’t be changed after the ending of game you can’t win with the another chance only one point can make you a winner and a loser but in your life you are gonna to get a lot of opportunity a lot of time not limited and not unlimited you can’t change the scores of game bot scores of your life you can change.Don’t be afraid because pain is temporary and greatness lasts forever.Some people can forget what the game was?But how you won the game people will never forget.You are special you are beautiful you are wise you are rich not by money but by your golden heart you are rich .In game the team works together but in life you have to get your goals alone because no one is going to get it for you. You will be successful not suddenly but definitely because of hard work.refuse to except the failure because you are a winner not a loser .If you are not giving your best in anything then first you have to learn then earn.

Friends this made you think or not let me know in the comments I will reply you all .


5 thoughts on “Is your life a GAME?

  1. It’s always good to provoke thought. You did.

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    1. Thanks my friend if you wanna motivated then stay tuned with my blog .God bless you.keep motivated😊👍👌


      1. You can read the another one “feel today”on today’s new friend i have just started following your blog and its amazing


    2. Thanks my friend for your beautiful words if you wanna motivated then saty tuned with my blog .God bless you and be motivated


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