They say me ,”I AM BORING”.

I am not boring .They told me you don’t make fun with us ,you are shy ,you are boring ,you are just lost in yourself .Why you don’t behave like others ,you don’t fit in.You are different you are not like us .Cheer up .Your looks are so boring and stupid .You are still alone not even you know what they say about people like me.

Yes!these are some great words I have to listen everyday I don’t know what is the difference between me and the others . Most of us are there who like live themselves alone because they are not the part of this crowd the are different they don’t don’t fit in because whatever they are they just true to themselves .If you are boring ,ugly , a mess , alone ,single , broken up then you’re welcome to my articles.Let them say whatever they want but you don’t have to forget to listen to your heart only.Only you know how this matters to you .What is it really taking to reach the place you want ,you only know ,only you.If you think you don’t fit in then remember always that if you are built different then how would you fit in.If you are lost in yourself then you are knowing yourself better than the others because everyday you are spending time with yourself akone you know yourself who are they to judge you and ,WHY?. If you want to tell something with your friends and you don’t have friends then do one thing write it down somewhere because if you want to tell someone read it yourself because you , youself is the best friend that know you better than anyone else (like I am doing through these articles) . If You are ugly and finding the most beautiful person in the world then stand in front of mirror the person you are able to see youself is the beautiful person in the world that you are finding.

If you want the answers of your questions then stand in front of mirror you will get answers because the way you see yourself is the only way to see the world if you see love in you then you will find more love around you.If you want the answers ten ask your self first because you are only one who knows yourself better than others.

I am NOT boring .

I am NOT beautiful.

I am NOT a mess.

I am NOT stupid.

I am NOT loving.

I am NOT rejected .


You all are stronger enough .work hard until the new you shines through.This is a series of articles of different version of me.Stay conneted tell me in the comments section that what kind of person you are? Boring like me or Accepted for yourself . Every day you going to be bored by my boring articles .Never Ever leave the real you behind this world.Accept yourself the world will accept you because it’s all within you.

5 thoughts on “They say me ,”I AM BORING”.

    1. Thanks friend 😊 I have started a daily series of articles stay tuned this will motivate you and this to boring people .😊🤗😄😊🤗😀


      1. You are welcome in London.
        I appreciate you are writing by your real cute feelings to make the readers enjoy .

        XX XX

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It may be Boring to them and that is their perception. Let them enjoy their perception but don’t let it enter to you.
    More power to you..
    Stay happy Keep smiling

    Liked by 1 person

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