You are wierd ,stay the hell away from us ,you are not like us you stupid ,get lost ,you are still single ,you are not pretty or handsome . You don’t look fancy like us ,you are not cool .Still you are alone I think you don’t fit in like us you are wierd ,stay away from us you are just disgusting and rejected.

These are some beautiful wierd word that never changes everyday I have to hear it not me only but most of us .You don’t fit in is just somewhere related to me also.I know how it feels to hear these such a breaking words ,that some people use to praise our different ability it’s not disability it’s a different ability according to me.They are just a part of this worthless system and they are built in that nature to say someone wierd disgusting and anything else.I even don’t understand today that why they used to say this why?Are we people not human being ,You are not beautiful why the stupid is telling this to you I think he or she don’t know that the beauty is the soul not the external side or color .”You are just disgusting” , you are not disgusting , disgusting are those people who told that you are , the simple fact is that they don’t know how to make fun with how to enjoy or except everyone and cherish the memories .If you don’t fit in then congratulations most of the great were also not fit in with the crowd and I think you are going to be the next.If they ever told you to get lost then again congratulations because they are protecting you from negative people that they are themselves stay the hell away .They are bringing you far away from those negative people who might harm you and your future also.

You don’t fit in .

You are not beautiful .

You are not different.

Tell me in the comments section below friend 😊 that how many of you just don’t fit in.and don’t forget to share it to a friend who is just like you.

2 thoughts on “YOU JUST DON’T FIT IN!!!

    1. I avoid SM because of time issue … but I’m part of crowd friend … It’s good to have people around you… And in my profession both as Poet and future Doctor ..I love to interact with nice people like you….who keep me away from negativity darkness…

      Ur posts I have read today they were amazing … Good vibes😊❤✨✌

      Liked by 1 person

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