Today is a new day that you have to start I am gonna make it . Today I will give my all.Today I will be present.Today I will be kind Today I will be real …..

These are few words that most of us usually stand in front of the mirror and speak.But how many of us lived in the morning and may thought in the morning that ,” if it is my last day of my life ?” No one is thought and never think it also because it is the world’s worst words to hear and speak also. But why we people start our day with depressions ,sorrow, problems and a lot of problems that you are going to face whole day…..

Your yesterday passed away it’s become now a past so your problems are also become a past leave it and start your today with a new mindset if you will love and live your present then it will be one day but it has power to shape and enlightened the future.You faced a lot of problems yesterday but your today matters for you.Don’t waste you today for the worthless problems.Start you first step by starting ba beautiful morning because it’s a new opportunity for you . It’s the beginning for your day and whole upcoming mericales and full of magic.Leave the past and start it from the beginning because it’s starts with you …. Don’t leave and waste your precious present don’t quit it ,win it ,live it and feel the pain you are facing Today that’s going to be your power and strength….

If someone tells you i am very very bad for you and cheats with you then tell him /her

If you are bad then i am your dad.

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