Is this happen with you also?

People usually make fun of our dreams it’s all happen with me also but the main topic is that people compare you and the problems that you are facing and feeling today.

Today someone told me what have you faced till now and what are you facing today Normally we don’t have proper answer but remember one thing and if someone tells you then answer also …..l


Answer might surprise you or not I don’t know but it’s really worth working ….

Whatever I am facing today ,is preparing me for whatever I asked to accomplish the problems are not leaving me because they are making me strong enough to face people like you. I am so lucky that nature is self preparing me by making my life full of struggles and it’s rare….

You are strong enough to dream to do what you want or what you like to do let them say because A person who says that you can’t do or get anything better is showing up his /her capacity to you,he or she thinks that he can’t do that so the others cannot do that but you have improve your self then prove them wrong….You are built different then how your problems will be same ….

Tell me in the comments section about what topic you want next article ?keep growing everyday single day and every now and then…..

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