Top five regrets of life#1

We all have regrets that we have faced in our life but we never try to change it but we never try to understand it but we never tried to face it .

I am going to share here five regrets of life .

First regret .

Never expressed who am I in real life never lived a second of being real pretended of being real we all want perfection but never understood who we really are we compare ourselves with others but can you imagine who are you to being real can you compare yourself with others in the same way can you make your own fingerprint with others it’s the only one in this world no one can make it Sense without any one thing because you are built different you have different mindset you have different life you have different able to do anything but what are you doing you are comparing yourself with others you are forgetting the blessings of your life. Believe in yourself and lead with integrity no one can beat you until you face your problems you want to be something else but who are you who you want to bewhat’s your purpose in life is a life that you want to live. live every second of your life of being real and see the magic happens you are you you can’t copy someone because you are different you have different ability your month it different what you are you are you are expected to yourself you cannot be rejected by you let the world reject you but you will never be rejected or ashamed by you if you will accept you the world will accept and respect you.

I will share other regrets in the next article so stay connected ….

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